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I.V.V. (which stands for the Dutch abbreviation for International Mailing House on Bird Books) is housed since May 1996 in the l8th-century Manor "The Oldhorst". Though specifically oriented on the Dutch market we nevertheless welcome interested people from other countries to visit our website. Hence these short words in English.

We have over 2500 titles on bird books in stock. When ordering these books by fax, letter or E-mail you will receive an invoice. Upon payment of this invoice the book(s) will be forwarder to you.

When you are in The Netherlands you of course always may visit The Oldhorst where all titles are on display. Although we are most of the time present it is advisable to give a phonecall immediately before rendering a visit.

The index of the catalogue is as follows:

Per country


I. General handbooks
II. Books on birds of The Netherlands
III. Europe (in the Dutch language)
IV. Europe (in other languages)
V. Western Europe (Belgiumi, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe
VI. The Northpole
VII. Africa (general and per region and per country)
VIII. Northern America (general, Canada and United States)
IX. Central America (the Caribbean and the continent, per country)
X. Southern America (general and per country)
XI. Asia (per region and country: Middle East, Indian Subcontinent,
East Asia and South-East Asia
XII. Austrialia (and New Zealand and Papua New Guinea).
XIII. Oceania
XIV. The Southpole

Per group of birds and species.

XV. Seabirds (Auks, Gulls, Penguins, etc.)
XVI. Waterbirds (Ducks, Swans, Grebes)
XVII. Wading Birds (the larger types such as herons, storks, ibisses, etc.)
XVIII. Shore Birds (the smaller types)
XIX. Birds of the Grassland (Bustards)
XX. Other land birds, such as: Bee-eaters, Doves, Game Birds, Honey-suckers, Kiwis, Kolibris, Crows, Parrots and Parrakeets, Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey, Woodpeckers, Ostriches, Tanagers, Owls, Kingfishers, Swallows, Other Passerines.
XXI. Domesticated Birds (Cage Birds)
XXII. Dictionaries and Encyclopedia's
XXIII. Checklists
XXIV. Nature Conservation and Ecology
XXV. Other specific subjects (Biology, Migration, Food, Song, Ornithology, etc.)
XXVI. Nomenclature
XXVII. Nests and Eggs
XXVIII. Health
XXIX. Photography
XXX. Art Books on Birds